Immobilienmarketing – Die Covid-19 Pandemie als Beschleuniger der Digitalisierung

Das Immobilienmarketing gewinnt im Zuge der Internationalisierung des Marktgeschehens stetig an Bedeutung. Neben beeinflussenden Faktoren wie dem damit einhergehenden Konkurrenzdruck durch die Marktsättigung, stellt die wachsende digitale Komplexität die Unternehmen vor Herausforderungen. Insbesondere die Verwendung zeitgemäßer Kommunikationstechnologien beeinflusst den ‚Markt ohne Grenzen‘. Ansteigende Auswechselbarkeit von…

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Finanzierung von Computerspielproduktionen in Deutschland und Europa mit öffentlicher Förderung

In dieser Studie wird die Entwicklung der Computerspielförderung in Deutschland in den vor der Einführung einer Bundesförderung und in den Jahren 2019 und 2020 untersucht. Zum Vergleich werden Schlaglichter auf die Nachbarländer Frankreich, Vereinigtes Königreich und Polen geworfen. Dabei werden insbesondere Gesichtspunkte untersucht, die für die Antragstellung in Deutschland und für die Evaluation der Programme Bedeutung haben können.…

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Decorative Elements as Monetization & Marketing Strategy in Online Games

This thesis analyses the sale of virtual items in online gaming environments as part of a range of new business models that are tied to the rise of the internet. Based on a deeper understanding of motivating factors that drive players of different games towards their individual purchasing decisions, suitable management decisions can be undertaken. By understanding the needs of the gamers and tailoring marketing and sales efforts…

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Interactive Music writing in the Age of AI: A retrospective analysis and the future for game music.

In this study interactive music writing industry has been evaluated. As the practice of writing music and designing sounds to video games, it’s history and its business dynamics have been researched. Furthermore, the methods of implementing music and sounds into games and their psychological effects on gamers have been studied from literature and past studies, all in order to formulate the question: “Will artificial intelligence disrupt…

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The role of user research in the development of digital products

User research is a discipline that has been present in the study of human behaviours since the beginning of humankind. From creating a spear to hunt a prey, to creating a digital product for sending e-mails. The fact that humans are always creating objects to supply their needs is one of the main characteristics that differentiates human race from other animal species. This research focuses in the study of explaining how can user research…

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Social/Enviromental Impact of Cultural & Creative Industries: Can they be a Pioneer for ‘Doing Good’?

The purpose of this study is to investigate if the cultural and creative industries in Berlin can be a pioneer for ‘doing good’. In a broader perspective, the study analyzes whether cultural and creative industries take into consideration the social/environmental aspects and how far they integrate these aspects in their business models and management structures. A qualitative research method is designed by combining B Corporation Impact…

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Subscription-Based Gaming – A New Business Model in the Video Game Industry

Evidently, subscription-based distribution is now the de facto method of content consumption for music and TV, and gaming is increasingly embracing the model too. In the present study, the research question to be investigated is, whether subscription-based services for video games are going to revolutionize the video game industry. In the first instance, relevant literature and verified online sources have been reviewed in order to create…

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The chicken or egg problem in platforms: An empirical study in Berlin

Since the development of digital technologies, the platform business model has begun to rise and change the landscape of the market, as more and more companies embrace this approach to business. The main advantage of this approach came from the positive effects created by the interactions of two or more sides of the market (e.g sellers and buyers, producers and consumers), and so the first problem encountered by all platforms is how to…

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Impact of social structural change on brands

This thesis seeks to understand the influence of the transformation of society from 20th century industrial capitalism towards postmodernism and cultural capitalism has had on brands. It examines changes that professional brand management has undergone in recent times in order to remain relevant for customers. In the course of industrial capitalism towards cultural capitalism there has been a change from standardization and rationality to…

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The impact of digitisation on working environments.

This thesis analysis the impact of digitisation on work processes and environments in the cultural and creative industries. The aim of this research is to identify the changes that companies need to make in order to stay successful on the disruptive market. The following research question was developed: “Which changes demands the digitisation in terms of working processes and environments from companies in the cultural and creative…

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Reputation as an Important Element of the Corporate Branding An Analysis of Online Reputation Management in the Apparel Industry

The present thesis provides a strategic framework for online reputation management in the fashion industry. Therefore, the essential factors that influence a company’s reputation were taken into consideration and different approaches on how to manage online reputation were compared. After that, two case studies were conducted to analyze online reputation management in practice relating to the apparel sector. The empirical research of the…

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Creative Cities and gentrification: A compared analysis between Berlin and Madrid

The high-speed urban development of contemporary cities forces their inhabitants to the confrontation with severe phenomena of gentrification. In parallel, definitions such as Creative City, raise awareness on the culture-led strategies for urban renewal at the basis of such processes and on the competitive advantage represented by creativity as a commodity for the global economy. Starting from this basis, it is necessary to critically…

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